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·ACES 2017 Week 29 Circulars
243_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
244_2017244_2017-HDB- BRI-SGBC Seminar Greenscape for Green Buildings (Friday, 28 July AM)
245_2017CORENET e-Info Circulars and Codes Update 14-Jul-2017
246_2017SPRING-Extension of public comment closing date for draft COIR to 31 Jul 2017
247_2017BCA- Invitation to Joint BCA-GeoSS Seminar 2017
248_2017248_2017-Fire Safety Asia Conference 2017
249_2017SPRING-Singapore Standards for Public Comment - July 2017
250_2017MND- The Jul AND Aug 2017 Issue of MND Link is Out!

·ACES 2017 Week 28 Circulars
231_2017ACES-Bio-Pointe Seminar_2017 08 17
232_2017SCDF-Fire Safety Excellence Design Awards 2017
233_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
234_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events
235_2017SISV-EQ for Peak Performance; 21 - 22 September 2017
236_20172017 FIDIC Asia-Pacific Contract Users
237_2017IES-(PM) Half Day Seminar - Digital Innovation in Geotechnical Engineering
238_2017SISV- (Rescheduled) Certificate in Measurement of Building Works; Module 1 commencing 14 August 2017
239_2017NTU-2-Day Workshop Dynamic Material Behaviour Part 2 Simulation of Metals, Concrete and Composites by Professor Werner RIEDEL (23-24 Aug 2017)
240_2017IES-Requesting to E-Blast to ACES Members - Briefing on ITE Work-Learn Technical Diploma - Mechanical & Electrical Services Supervision Course
241_2017BCA-Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW) 2017
242_2017IES-Two-Day Course on Structural Resilience - 26 & 27 September 2017

·ACES 2017 Week 27 Circulars
217_2017IES-WES-CUE 2017, July 18 - 21 @ Suntec Singapore - Registration Open
218_2017BCA Awards 2017 Launch of HR guidebook_RIWG article
219_2017SISV-QS Seminar Duties and Obligations of Certifiers under a contract_ 21 July 2017
220_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events
221_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update and Codes Update 01-Jul-2017
222_2017PUB-Circular on Used Water Flow Rate_30062017
222A_2017PUB-Follow Up Circular - Protection of Water Pipes Infrastructure Regulations_30062017
223_2017GAS TALK June 2017 Issue An E-Newsletter Brought to You by City Gas Commercial & Industrial Sales Division
224_2017IBC-Supporting Association Invitation for ISPE Conference & Exhibition 2017 - Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore 2ND CALL
225_2017IES-One Day Seminar - Avoiding Risks in Tunnelling & Deep Excavation Projects
226_2017IES-One-Day Workshop on Floating Structures
227_2017SIBL-MF_Challenges and Potential Contractual Disputes in Tunnelling and Deep Excavation_170717
228_2017IES-Two-Day Course on Structural Resilience - 26 & 27 September 17
229_2017SISV Accredited Expert Witness Course (3rd Intake)_17 - 18 August 2017
230_2017IES-ACES_Nomination for Exemplary Site Supervisor Award 2017

·ACES 2017 Week 26 Circulars
211_2017NEA_Reminder on Requirements of the Code of Practice on Environmental Health and Guidelines
212_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
213_2017Fire Safety Asia Conference 2017
214_2017International Green Building Conference 12-14 Sept 2017 50% discount only for limited slots
215_2017ACES Eurocode Workshop -W26_Construction Supervision of Geotechnical Works_2017 0729

·ACES 2017 Week 25 Circulars
204_2017WiSER Forum flyer
204a_2017WiSER Booklet 2017
205_2017BCA-Industry Built Environment Scholarship and Sponsorship Programme
205a_2017BCA Employers Handbook compressed
206_2017BCA CORENET e-Info Circulars and Codes Update 16-Jun-2017
207_2017BCA CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update 18-Jun-2017
208_2017IES-ACES_Nomination for Exemplary Site Supervisor Award 2017
209_2017SPRING_Singapore Standards for Public Comment - June 2017_PC-16Jun2017
210_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events

·ACES 2017 Week 24 Circulars
191_2017ACES Eurocode Workshop -W26_Construction Supervision of Geotechnical Works_2017 07 08
192_2017BCA_Info about the HR guidebook for the Built Environment sector
194_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
195_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events
196_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events part 2
197_2017BCA Academy 2-Day Course - Fire Design of Concrete and Timber Structures to Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 5, 11-12 July 17
198_2017CORENET e-Info Circulars and Codes Update 09-Jun-2017
199_2017SCPW 2017 - Sponsorship Application
200_2017ACES-IES QEC_Training on Design, Operating and Maintenance of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System (6th Run)
201_2017ISPE Conference & Exhibition 2017
202_2017NTU-PTRC Seminars on Assimilation of Inspection Data and Numerical Model for Performance Assessment of RC Bridge Decks and Application of SCC to Massive Concrete Construction, 21 June
203_2017New NUS_NTU Programmes - Specialist_Graduate Certificate Programmes

·ACES 2017 Week 23 Circulars
184_2017CCS eNewsletter Competitive Edge Issue 17
185_2017QS Seminar Duties and Obligations of Certifiers under a contract 21 July 2017
186_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events
187_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events Public Lecture on Resilience in age of terrorism An Engineer Perspectives
188_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
189_2017CORENET e-Info Circulars and Codes Update 05-Jun-2017
190_2017BCA Circular on Display of PTO and Technical Requirements for Lifts and Escalators (20170608)

·ACES 2017 Week 22 Circulars
178_2017NTU_PTRC Seminar 19 Jun 2017
179_2017IGBC Conference 12 - 14 Sep 2017
180_2017BCA Senior appointment changes and additional senior management appointment from 1 June 2017
181_2017SISV_CBCL 6th intake
182_2017BCA Academy Upcoming Events
183_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update













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