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·ACES 2017 Week 52 Circulars
454_2017CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
455_2017IES EECETC SIT - Efficient Development for Robust Systems Using VPMLPMs
456_2017Urban Sustainability Management - 22 January 2018 - 11.30 EST 17.30 CET (Geneva)
457_2017SPRING-Singapore Standards for Public Comment - Dec 2017
458_2017URA This Month [Jan 2018]

·ACES 2018 Week 01 Circulars
001_2018BCA Academy Upcoming Events
002_2018SISV-Understanding CEMS - Key Differences between CEMS & SMM2 (3rd Intake); 11 April 2018
003_2018SCIC-Stakeholders Dialogue Fire Safety for Lab - Programme_v3
004_2018CORENET e-Info Circulars and Codes Update 29-Dec-2017
005_2018NTUC-DM for PMBOK 6th Edition Update (2nd run) @ NUS-ISS
006_2018BCA-Submission of Active Mobility Plans for Infrastructure Projects in Public Housing Estates
007_2018URA This Month [Jan 2018]

·ACES 2018 Week 02 Circulars
009_2018Circular-Amendment to Fire Code - Fire Safety Requirements for LPG Installations
010_2018SISV-New International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) and its Applications; 25 January 2018
011_2018CORENET e-Info Circulars and Codes Update 08-Jan-2018
012_2018CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
013_2018PTRC Seminar 17 Jan 2018
014_2018WSHC -Show your Support for Safe and Healthy Workplaces

·ACES 2018 Week 03 Circulars
015_2018SISV - 2 Day Introductory Course to Value Management; 13 - 14 February 2018 CDSAWEQWQW
016_2018SISV-Measurement Series Piling Works & Diaphragm Walls; Commencing 22 - 23 February 2018
017_2018BCA-Circular for Revised PQM Framework (Contractors)
018_2018BCA-Circular for Revised QFM Framework (PSPC consultants)
019_2018IES-Trend in Asset Management of Infrastructural and Physical Asset
020_2018Invitation to FIDIC events at WUF9 in Kuala Lumpur in February 9-11 2018
021_2018SPRING-Singapore Standards for Public Comment - Jan 2018
022_2018MND-The Jan AND Feb 2018 Issue of MND Link is Out!
023_2018SCDF Circular - Amendment to TRSS 2015 - Removal of provision of radio outlet

·ACES 2018 Week 04 Circulars
024_2018CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
025_2018ACES C&S Seminar_8 Mar 2018
026_2018Secure Your Place at This Year's Most Highly-anticipated Event - The World Cities Summit 2018
027_2018SISV 2 Day Introductory Course to Value Management_13 - 14 February 2018
028_2018IES Seminar Technology Enhances WSH Management held on 23 March 2018 f

·ACES 2018 Week 05 Circulars
029_2018BCA Academy Upcoming Events
030_2018Measurement Series Piling Works & Diaphragm Walls_ Commencing 22 - 23 February 2018
031a_2018FIDIC Invitation - WUF Networking Event
031b_2018FIDIC -The Consulting Engineering Industry_ Statement of Commitment
032_2018URA This Month -Feb 2018
033_2018ACES Seminar_8 Mar 2018 - updated flyer V2
034_2018ACES DfSP Course 2018

·ACES 2018 Week 06 Circulars
035_2018CORENET e-Info Weekly Events Update
036_2018URA's new EDM
037_2018IES-Technology Enhanced WSH Management
038_2018HDB -Moving Construction Productivity into the 21st Century whilst Increasing Efficiency and Profitability
039_2018ACES Seminar_8 Mar 2018 - updated flyer V3
040_2018EMA - Singapore Standard SS608 2015 Code of Practice for Gas Installation Amendment No 1

·ACES 2018 Week 07 Circulars
041_2018SISV 2 Day Workshop EQ for Peak Performance (2nd Run) 19 - 20 July 2018
042_2018SPM Accreditation of Project Managers the Why, What and How of the Application
043_2018FIDIC-Statement of Commitments for SD & COP21 Paris Climate Agreement Follow-up 2018
044_2018FIDIC-World Urban Forum 9 - FIDIC Networking
045_2018New LTA-Roads E-form - Requirement to submit re-submission annexes for re-submissions

·ACES 2018 Week 08 Circulars
046_2018ACES Seminar_8 Mar 2018 - updated flyer V4_CPD points
047_2018Revised Singapore Standard - SS 133 2017 Specification for bituminous emulsion for roof waterproofing
048_2018SPRING Singapore calls for public comments PC-15Feb18
049_2018NEA Guideline-on-boundary-noise-limit-circular
050_2018World Cities Summit 2018 Brochure (as of February 2018)
051_2018BCA Academy - Upcoming Events
052_2018IStructE Seminar on PPVC_Flyer













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