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50th Year Anniversary

The Association of Consulting Engineers was started way back in 1971 by a group of forwarding looking Consulting Engineers, who believe Engineers need to come together to advance our interest with emphasis on collaboration among ourselves and also our partners, be it Government Agencies, Developers, Contractors and Suppliers. With a blink of eye, we will soon be celebrating our 50th Year Anniversary.

Whilst the objective of the Association remains the same, Engineering, especially the Consulting Engineering, has evolved in leaps. As such, all the more, we need to come together to advance our interest with even greater emphasis on collaboration.

The Council 2020-2021

Despite the pandemic, we are appreciate of the many members, who make an effort to be present for the recent AGM/Election to appoint the present Council. As a member of the present Council, we are mindful of the opportunity given us to serve and will do our best to advance our interest and collaboration with our partners.

We are also appreciative of the former Council members; especially Er Koh Boon Liang, Er Lee Tuck Cheung and Er Joanne Wong who has step down for their contributions through the years.

Advancement & Collaboration

As you may be aware, the ACES work is sub divided into several emphasis to assist us to further our Advancement our Interest and Collaboration with our Partners.

Business Professional Practice – Lead by Alfred Neo & Chuck Kho

Both Alfred & Chuck has been leading our effort to ensure our interest are adequately considered and our partners are aware of our challenges. In the coming months, there is much work to be done. One of key effort is to get our partners are align to what is the most appropriate approach to evaluating proposal with the best outcome for all.

Civil & Structural Practice – Lead by Fen Leong, Siva & Yi Yng

We have decided to increase more Council Members to lead this important task of re-defining the practice with collaboration with many of our partners. One of the key effort in the coming months is to move into full gear on our development of a Fibre Reinforced Structures design guide with BCA for the benefit of all C&S practitioners as well as addressing some concerns from members on authority submission facilitation with the aim to streamline and reduce the burdens on consultancy business.

Mechanical & Electrical Practice – Lead by Mei, Kenneth and Han Siong

We also decided to increase more Council Members to lead this important task of re-defining the practice with collaboration with many of our partners. The last M&E Dialogue with the members were very well attended with many positive feedback and will continual with the regular Dialogue among other activities.

Digital Delivery Practice – Lead by Mak and Choon Guan

In view of the recent emphasis of digitalization, we have formed a new committee to lead on this and look forward to your support to get this further off the ground.

Professional Development Practice – Lead by Choon Guan and Siong Mong

Choon Guan has been on this for some time now and we are glad for the adding of Siong Mong. They plan to do an annual event that will assist us to focus on what drive the industry and how we can get better prepared.

Social Development Committee – Kenneth & Kuan Pow

We miss our Annual Dinner Celebration in 2020 and hope we can have a 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2021. We are also miss the appreciation dinner for all who contributed in the 2019/2020 session and will explore others means to record our thanks.

Membership Committee – Siva and Han Siong

We are now about 180 firm strong and will strive to get more to see the benefit of the association and be part of the ACES.

Publication Committee – Lead by Adeline

Adeline continues to lead the quarterly newsletter, keeping us update on what is happening and who we can benefit from the Publication. You may have notice that we have gone digital too.

YPC Committee – Guided by Mak

The generation to come is important and we need to nurture them to greater heights. Mak will continue with this task and we hope to have more participating despite the demand of the heavy workload of our Young Professional Consultant.

Many More and Working as a Team

There are many more duties that awaits us all. Participating with CIJC, IACC, iNPQS, RE/RTO Registry, Dialogue with BCA, URA, LTA, SCDF, PUB, EMA, representation on SS, etc. We are thankful for the many members who assist the association and look forward to all contribution one way or another to make our 50th a year to remember and a springboard to a better future.