The Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) is a non-profit making association representing the independent consulting engineering profession in Singapore. Formed in 1971, the association is an industry grouping seeking to set and maintain standards of professional ethics, public accountability and independence amongst its members who are all directors or partners of consulting engineering firms operating in Singapore in compliance with the Professional Engineers Act and its regulations. ACES also has business interests of its members high on its agenda and seeks to ensure that professional consulting engineers in Singapore are adequately and fairly rewarded for their services.


The objects for which the Association is established are:

  • To promote the advancement of the profession of Consulting Engineering.

  • To associate together for the purpose of cooperation and mutual advantage and consultation as Consulting Engineers as defined in the Constitution.

  • To promote the professional interests, rights, powers and privileges of Consulting Engineers.

  • To give legislature, Public Bodies and others, facilities for conferring with and ascertaining the collective views of Consulting Engineers.

  • To confer with Associations representing Manufacturers, Contractors and other persons engaged in engineering works on matters of common interest.

Membership in the Association is to individuals and there are two categories of membership viz., Member and Associate member.


Requirement (1) may be waived at the discretion of Council if he had been a consulting engineer for more than 10 years (overseas experience included) and is a member of a professional institution applicable to the special branch in which he practices which in the opinion of the Council is of high standing.

No person shall be qualified for membership and associateship of the Association if he:

  • shall be a director, a managing director, or employee of any company carrying out any contracting or manufacturing business dealing with the class of work to which his practice relates, or as a partner in any firm carrying out such business or an agent for any company, firm or person carrying on such business unless he undertakes to declare to the Association and to his client his interests or commitments.

  • shall be a director or employee or an agent of any company undertaking engineering insurance work.

  • shall advertise or canvas, or be connected with or interested in any company, firm or person who advertises or canvasses for Consulting Engineers’ work.

The Association is affiliated to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. FIDIC membership presently numbers 67 countries from all parts of the globe and ACES is the national association in Singapore.


The Association contributes yearly awards to the following institutions:

  • Gold Medal to the top student to obtain 1st Class Honours for the Degree of B.Eng(Electrical) at Nanyang Technological University.

  • Book Prize to the student in recognition of outstanding academic performance in Advanced Diploma in Civil & Construction Engineering at the Singapore Polytechnic.

  • Medals to students for their outstanding performance in the Industrial Technician Certificate in Mechanical Engineering at the Institute Technical Education.

The Association first launched the ACES Award for Innovative Design in November 1997 to accord recognition to engineering projects which have been judged to have demonstrated innovative design in Singapore.

The Awards aim to:

  • serve as an incentive for engineers practising in Singapore to pay particular attention to high standards of engineering design and quality;

  • provide an avenue through which competition for work excellence may be enhanced;

  • to give recognition to design projects and engineering achievements carried out by members of the Association;

  • to provide an opportunity to demonstrate to clients and the general public the broad range of services and technical expertise provided by Consulting Engineers.

The awards are made under the categories: Civil and Structural, and Mechanical and Electrical.


ACES has representation on various external committees such as:

  • Building Control Division

  • Ministry of Manpower

  • Public Utilities Board

  • Singapore Civil Defence Force/ Fire Safety Bureau

  • Singapore Contractors Association Ltd

  • Singapore Accreditation Council

  • Construction Industry Development Board

  • Singapore Productivity and Standards Board

  • Singapore Mediation Centre

  • National Computer Board

  • Ministry of the Environment

  • Real Estate Developers Association

The Association conducts regular seminars and workshops as a continuing programme for its members on topics relating to engineering and consulting practices.